Security is an integrated part of our solutions!

Our software only collect data concerning activity and settings (log traces) of your BI platform.
Our software are not capable of reading or writing in your databases and, under any circumstances, are not capable of recovering information which could be used to connect to your system.

In SaaS mode, the collected data is sent to our servers in order to be transformed, aggregated and archived into a Data Warehouse.

For this transfer, we offer each client a private storage on our servers alongside the possibility to crypt the communication with the SSL protocol (via the HTTPS protocol for HTTP transfert).

Access to our data center is secure and exclusively available to the our staff only.

Once the collected data has been analyzed and archived, we publish several analysis reports over a private extranet (for each of our clients).

Access to the extranet is conditioned by a valid login (user name/password) while communication is encrypted over the SSL protocol.

Moreover, we offer the possibility to establish an IP filter in order to block any connection that doesn’t physically come from your company.

Hosting of the extranet is assured by OVH.