Five months after the release of the major version 4.0 of BIcopilot, we are pleased to announce the launch of our latest BIcopilot version (4.1).


For this release, we have mainly put our efforts into making BIcopilot more intuitive, simpler, smoother and more enjoyable to use. A lot of improvements have been made to its ergonomics as well as its “look and feel”.
This release also includes a series of fixes to the 4.0 version, alongside the patches already provided by the maintenance releases from 4.0.1 to 4.0.10.

Ergonomics improvements

With BIcopilot 4.1, we wished to make our solution more intuitive to use by strengthening inter-application links and simplifying a series of key features.

New presentation of email alerts

The presentation of email alerts has been completely redesigned to allow users:

  • To better understand the information presented in the message.
  • To be better informed about the various actions that can be executed in BIcopilot in connection with the received message.
  • To have a direct access to detailed and correlated information inside BIcopilot.

Increased interconnection between applications functionalities

  • New “drill-down” functionality towards BIcopilot ADMINISTRATOR, allowing to directly follow the analysis of a particular day from in BIcopilot MANAGER to a more detailed level in BIcopilot ADMINISTRATOR.
  • Details added in the Raw Data panel, about the start and end times of events analyzed from the collected log files in order to quickly identify the period and timeshift concerned by a specific event.
  • Possibility to directly access the detail of alerts from the “Home” page.

Easier comparison of data between reports

  • Henceforth, with the 4.1 version, when the user hovers over a value associated with a date or time in a report or graph, all of the other opened reports or graphs will automatically be highlighted over the same corresponding similar date or time.

New “Full screen view” button

  • New “Full screen view” button to increase the comfort in usability on 15” or smaller screens.

Faster and more intuitive dashboard customization

  • New possibility to duplicate and/or modify pods directly from the custom dashboards management window.
  • Reloading the web browser after changing the custom dashboard is no longer necessary.
  • Improvement of the speed of displaying pods in dashboards and reduction of memory consumption for client machines.

Harmonization of the “look and feel”

In addition to the ergonomics improvements, a major effort was conducted on the harmonization of the “look and feel” of BIcopilot in order to make the user experience more enjoyable.

Presentation revision of the alerts and comments threads

  • The presentation of the of SOCIAL Alerts and SOCIAL Comments panels has been completely revised in order to gain visibility. It is now more aligned with the “look and feel” of the mobile application.

Improved presentation of the main web portal pages

Other presentation improvements

  • Improvement of the presentation of articles in BIcopilot KNOWLEDGE allowing them to be easier to read. Tags are now highlighted for a better visibility of the concerned themes.
  • Improvement of fields’ visualization of in the Raw Data panel thanks to a new filter panel, simpler to use.
  • Improvement of the presentation of content in the contextual “Help & Comments” panel by rendering it clearer and more practical to use.
  • Improvement to data presentation in pods for a better readability of legends, headings and tooltips.