I join the entire SP2 Solutions team to announce the release of the latest BIcopilot maintenance version.

Even if the maintenance versions have as priority fixing existing bugs, we have also chosed to integrate several improvements. Therefore between the 4.1.1 and 4.1.10 versions, with our attention focused on the performance of our applications, we have equally added some useful improvements in terms of user experience.

Improvement of display performances

In previous version, the display performance of custom dashboards in the ADMINISTRATOR application could have had a tendency to strongly degrade when increasing the time interval selected by the user. The display performance of these dashboards is now therefore fast and stable.

The display performance for the Health graphs in BIcopilot MANAGER has been divided by 10, which corresponds to a quasi-instantaneous display.

The performances of the Logs tab in the DataCollector module have equally been considerably improved.

Automatic account creation


Until this release, creating a new BIcopilot client account required a certain number of internal manual verification operations which could take up to 2 days. From now on, starting up with BIcopilot requires only a few clicks and minutes.

Better management of tests status in BIcopilot DEVELOPER

With this improvement, users can activate or deactivate their tests at any time, even when new tests are currently in use and are being analyzed. They are no longer receiving messages indicating to retry later and can therefore work easily and in a collaborative manner within the application.

Improvement of inter application smart linking

In the idea of reinforcing the synergy between the different BIcopilot applications, we have a new intelligent link (smart link) which was added in the BIcopilot MANAGER alert messages. By clicking on this smart link, you can therefore directly access the related event in BIcopilot ADMINISTRATOR.

In the future, we are targeting to reinforce the smart linking between applications in order to propose to our users an even more important level of analysis.

Improvement of collection capacities

This improvement mainly concerns the HFM (Oracle Hyperion Financial Management) connector by adding and optimizing several data sources: objects and users referential, process flow logs and Weblogic applicative logs.

For more information, the complete list of improvements and fixes between the 4.1.1 and 4.1.10 versions is available in the Readme of the 4.1 version